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    • Joan of Arc, Castor,  Helen
    Joan of Arc
    Helen Castor

    Castor brings us a fresh new look at Joan of Arc ; a roaring girl fighting the English, and taking sides in a bloody civil war that was tearing fifteenth century France apart, a 19-year-old peasant who hears voices from God, a teenager transformed in ... read more

    • Merciless Gods, Tsiolkas,  Christos
    Merciless Gods
    Christos Tsiolkas

    Tsiolkas's latest is a collection of stories that revolve around love, sex, death, family, friendship, betrayal, tenderness, sacrifice and revelation in worlds that are both strange and familiar. Original, imaginative, insightful - and good. read more

    • Six Capitals, Gleeson-white,  Jane
    Six Capitals
    Jane Gleeson-white

    This is the story of a 21st century revolution being led by the most unlikely of rebels: accountants. Driven by the 2008 financial crash and the environmental crisis, this revolution demands that we start accounting for nature and society as accept t ... read more

    • Some Here Among Us, Walker,  Peter
    Some Here Among Us
    Peter Walker

    Spanning the promise and protests of New Zealand in the 1960's, the political heart of Washington ,the reverberations of 9/11, Beirut and the final decades of the twentieth century, Some Here Among Us is a remarkable meditation on youth and promise ... read more

    • The Best Australian Science Writing 2014, Hay,  Ashley
    The Best Australian Science Writing 2014
    Ashley Hay

    The annual collection celebrating the finest Australian science writing of the year.Why are Sydney’s golden orb weaver spiders getting fatter and fitter? Could sociology explain the recent upsurge in prostate cancer diagnoses? Is it true that t ... read more

    • Three Early Stories, Salinger,  J.d.
    Three Early Stories
    J.d. Salinger

      A cocktail party conversation is most revealing in what is left unsaid. Tensions between a brother and sister escalate to violent threats. A soldier heading off to war is torn between duty to his country and to his family. These stories, first ... read more

    • Best Australian Stories 2014, Lohrey,  Amanda
    Best Australian Stories 2014
    Amanda Lohrey

    The edges of reality blur in a corporate lawyer's tale of working in a 1200-storey glass tower. A prized coffee table becomes the focus of a father's anxieties and frustrations. Tense and fractured lines of communication shape the life of an interpre ... read more

    • Book of Strange New Things, Faber,  Michel
    Book of Strange New Things
    Michel Faber

    Peter Leigh is a husband, a Christian, and now a missionary. As the novel opens, he is set to embark on a journey that will surely test his faith. From the moment he says goodbye to his wife, Bea, and boards his flight, he begins a quest that will c ... read more

    • Capitalism, Roy,  Arundhati
    Arundhati Roy

    Capitalism: A Ghost Story examines the dark side of democracy, and shows how the demands of globalized capitalism has subjugated billions of people to racism and exploitation. It is a ferocious attack on the mega corporations that treat India's natur ... read more

    • I Refuse, Petterson,  Per
    I Refuse
    Per Petterson

    Two men meet by accident on a bridge early one morning. Once they were best friends - but Tommy and Jim haven't seen each other for 35 years. Back then, Tommy and his sister were abandoned by their mother and later by their abusive father, and Jim, w ... read more

    • I Think You
    I Think You'll Find It's a Bit More Complicated Than That
    Ben Goldacre

    In Bad Science Ben Goldacre exposed the tricks that quacks and journalists use to distort science. In Bad Pharmahe put the $600 billion global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope. This is a collection of essays by one the wittiest, most indi ... read more

    • Inconvenient Genocide: Who Remembers the Armenians?, An, Robertson,  Geoffrey
    Inconvenient Genocide: Who Remembers the Armenians?, An
    Geoffrey Robertson

    On 24 April 2015, Armenians throughout the world will commemorate the centenary of the murder of 1.5 million of their people, at the hands of the Ottoman Turkish government. Turkey continues to deny it ever happened - or if it did, that the killings ... read more