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    • Is Shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool, Jacquet,  Jennifer
    Is Shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool
    Jennifer Jacquet

    In our individualistic world, is shame an outdated, moralising concept - or is it something that we can rediscover and use in a new way? What can we gain from redefining shame to help solve the key social and political issues of our time? Jennifer Ja ... read more

    • Mannix, Niall,  Brenda
    Brenda Niall

    Daniel Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne from 1917 until his death, aged ninety-nine, in 1963, was a towering figure in Melbourne's Catholic community while his political interventions had a profound effect on the wider Australian nation. Brenda Niall ... read more

    • Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas aboutLiving Ethically The, Singer,  Peter
    Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas aboutLiving Ethically The
    Peter Singer

    Peter Singer presents a challenging new movement in the search for an ethical life. Effective altruism involves doing the most good possible. It requires a rigorously unsentimental view of charitable giving, urging that a substantial proportion of ou ... read more

    • On Writers and Writing, Atwood,  Margaret
    On Writers and Writing
    Margaret Atwood

    Looking back on her own childhood and the development of her writing career, Margaret Atwood examines the role of the writer in the world. Atwood's wide and eclectic reference to other writers, living and dead, is balanced by anecdotes from her own e ... read more

    • One Life: My Mother's Story, Grenville,  Kate
    One Life: My Mother's Story
    Kate Grenville

    When Kate Grenville's mother, Nance died she left behind many fragments of writing which became the starting point for this memoir. In many ways Nance's story echoes that of many mothers and grandmothers, for whom the spectacular shifts of the t ... read more

    • Shore, Taylor,  Sara
    Sara Taylor

    The Shore is a a collection of small islands sticking out from the coast of Virginia into the Atlantic Ocean that has been home to generations of fierce and resilient women. Sanctuary to some but nightmare to others, it's a place they've inhabited, f ... read more

    • Something Special, Something Rare: Outstanding Short Stories by Australian Women, Black Inc.
    Something Special, Something Rare: Outstanding Short Stories by Australian Women
    Black Inc.

    Something Special, Something Rare presents outstanding short fiction by some of Australia's finest female writers. These are tales of love, secrets, doubt and torment, the everyday and the extraordinary. Authors include; Kate Grenville, Delia Fa ... read more

    • Suspended Sentences, Modiano,  Patrick,   Polizzotti,  Mark
    Suspended Sentences
    Patrick Modiano, Mark Polizzotti

    Although originally published separately Modiano's three novellas form a single compelling whole, haunted by the same gauzy sense of place and characters. Modiano draws on his own experiences blended with the real or invented stories of others, to pr ... read more

    • Boy Who Could See Death, Vickers,  Salley
    Boy Who Could See Death
    Salley Vickers

    In her latest collection of stories Salley Vickers explores bereavement and betrayal, closely guarded secrets and common gossip, unforeseen endings and decidedly odd beginnings. Ambitious, lyrical, witty and disconcerting these stories take a forensi ... read more

    • City Limits Why Australian cities are broken and how we fix them, Donegan,  Paul/kelly,  Jane-frances
    City Limits Why Australian cities are broken and how we fix them
    Donegan, Paul/kelly, Jane-frances

    Australia is a nation of cities. A higher proportion of Australians live in cities than almost any other country, and most of our national wealth is generated in them. For most of the twentieth century, our cities gave us some of the highest living s ... read more

    • Coal Face, Doig,  Tom
    Coal Face
    Tom Doig

    On 9 February 2014 a fire took hold in Victoria's Hazelwood coal mine next to Morwell and burned for one and a half months. As the air filled with toxic smoke and ash, residents of the Latrobe Valley became ill, afraid - and angry. Up against an unre ... read more

    • Everland, Hunt,  Rebecca
    Rebecca Hunt

    In 1913, Dinners, Millet-Bass, and Napps volunteer to scout out a series of uncharted and unknown islands in the Antarctic, a big, indifferent kingdom. 100 years later three researchers, Brix, Jess, and Decker set out on a field trip to the same anc ... read more

    • Flash Boys, Lewis,  Michael
    Flash Boys
    Michael Lewis

     If you thought Wall Street was about alpha males standing in trading pits hollering at each other, think again. Now, the world's money is traded by computer code, inside black boxes in heavily guarded buildings. This is a market that's rigged, ... read more

    • Four Books, Lianke,  Yan
    Four Books
    Yan Lianke

    Yan's mythical tale portrays the grotesque persecution of the population during the Great Leap Forward. In the ninety-ninth district of a labour camp, the Author, Musician, Scholar, Theologian and Technician undergo re-education, to restore their rev ... read more

    • In Certain Circles, Harrower,  Elizabeth
    In Certain Circles
    Elizabeth Harrower

     Zoe Howard is seventeen when her brother, Russell, introduces her to Stephen Quayle. Stephen is unlike anyone she has ever met, like a character out of a dense Russian novel, while his sister, Anna is shy and thoughtful. Though they come from v ... read more

    • Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism, Siedentop Larry
    Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism
    Siedentop Larry

    Where do the ideas on which modern western states are built - equality and individual freedom - really come from? What does 'liberalism' mean? Why does it matter? Larry Siedentop's history of the idea of the Individual offers a radical new perspectiv ... read more