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    • Question Everything, New Scientist
    Question Everything
    New Scientist

    100 intriguing questions and answers from all the sciences, including medicine, astronomy, psychology, physics, chemistry and biology. As expected from New Scientist, this is serious science at its most accessible, unpredictable and entertaining. read more

    • Seeing Things as They Are Selected Journalism and Other Writings, Orwell,  George
    Seeing Things as They Are Selected Journalism and Other Writings
    George Orwell

     Renowned Orwell scholar Peter Davison, brings together in one volume many of Orwell's articles and essays for journals and newspapers, his broadcasts for the BBC, and his book, theatre and film reviews. Political, poetic, polemic and personal, ... read more

    • The Best Australian Science Writing 2014, Hay,  Ashley
    The Best Australian Science Writing 2014
    Ashley Hay

    The annual collection celebrating the finest Australian science writing of the year.Why are Sydney’s golden orb weaver spiders getting fatter and fitter? Could sociology explain the recent upsurge in prostate cancer diagnoses? Is it true that t ... read more

    • The End of Days, Erpenbeck,  Jenny and Bernofsky,  Susan(translated By)
    The End of Days
    Erpenbeck, Jenny and Bernofsky, Susan(translated By)

    The story of the twentieth century traced through the various possible lives of one woman. She is a baby who barely survives beyond her first breath, and suffocates in the cradle. Or perhaps not? She lives to become as an adult and dies beloved. Or d ... read more

    • The Gods of Olympus: A History, Graziosi,  Barbara
    The Gods of Olympus: A History
    Barbara Graziosi

    Barbara Graziosi deftly traces the travels and transformations of the gods of Olympus from the distant past to the present, showing that these pagan deities have remained remain potent symbols. They are masters and mistresses of re-invention; in clas ... read more

    • Trouble in Paradise: Communism After the End of History, Zizek Slavoj
    Trouble in Paradise: Communism After the End of History
    Zizek Slavoj

    Despite living in a world of almost constant crisis, we still seem to accept that capitalism - a dangerously enticing, promiscuous, roller-coaster of an ideology - represents the best of all possible worlds. Slavoj Žižek argues that there i ... read more

    • Volcano Street, Rain,  David
    Volcano Street
    David Rain

    What would Germaine do?'This is the mantra that Skip and Marlo Wells turn to as they navigate their way through life. Marlo puts her faith in her hero, Germaine Greer, and twelve-year-old Skip trusts her clever big sister to know the right thing to d ... read more

    • What Days Are For, Dessaix,  Robert
    What Days Are For
    Robert Dessaix

    One Sunday night in Sydney, Robert Dessaix collapsed in a Darlinghurst street and spent weeks in hospital, tubes and cannulae puncturing his body, as he recovered from the heart attack threatening to kill him. While lying in the hospital bed, Robe ... read more

    • Best Australian Stories 2014, Lohrey,  Amanda
    Best Australian Stories 2014
    Amanda Lohrey

    The edges of reality blur in a corporate lawyer's tale of working in a 1200-storey glass tower. A prized coffee table becomes the focus of a father's anxieties and frustrations. Tense and fractured lines of communication shape the life of an interpre ... read more

    • I Refuse, Petterson,  Per
    I Refuse
    Per Petterson

    Two men meet by accident on a bridge early one morning. Once they were best friends - but Tommy and Jim haven't seen each other for 35 years. Back then, Tommy and his sister were abandoned by their mother and later by their abusive father, and Jim, w ... read more

    • In America, Mak,  Geert
    In America
    Geert Mak

    In 1960 John Steinbeck and his dog Charley set out on the road to rediscover the soul of America. The America of then was looking to the future, full of optimism and desperate to leave behind the troubles of past. Half a century on, Geert Mak sets of ... read more

    • Life on the Edge, Al-khalili,  Jim/mcfadden,  Johnjoe
    Life on the Edge
    Al-khalili, Jim/mcfadden, Johnjoe

    Life is the most extraordinary phenomenon in the known universe; but how does it work? Even in this age of cloning and synthetic biology, the remarkable truth remains: nobody has ever made anything living entirely out of dead material. Life remains t ... read more

    • Loitering: New and Collected Essays, D'ambrosio,  Charles
    Loitering: New and Collected Essays
    Charles D'ambrosio

    Charles D'Ambrosio's essay collection Orphans spawned something of a cult following. In the decade since the tiny limited-edition volume sold out its print run, its devotees have pressed it upon their friends, students, and colleagues, only ... read more

    • Meeting the Devil: A Book of Memoir, The London Review Of Books
    Meeting the Devil: A Book of Memoir
    The London Review Of Books

    Autobiography has been an essential element of the London Review of Books since its founding in 1979. This collection from those pages include; Jenny Diski imagining her own burial, Julian Barnes on not getting the Booker Prize and Andrew O'Hagan co ... read more

    • New Selected Poems 1988-2013, Heaney,  Seamus
    New Selected Poems 1988-2013
    Seamus Heaney

    Shortly before his death in 2013, Seamus Heaney discussed with his publisher the prospect of a companion volume to his landmark New Selected Poems 1966-1987 aimed at presenting the second half of his career. New Selected Poems 1988-2013 reprints the ... read more

    • Oddfellows, Shakespeare,  Nicholas
    Nicholas Shakespeare

    On 1 January 1915, ramifications from the First World War, raging half a world away, were felt in Broken Hill, Australia, when in a guerrilla-style military operation, four citizens were killed and seven wounded. It was the annual picnic day in Broke ... read more