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    • Givenness of Things, Robinson,  Marilynne
    Givenness of Things
    Marilynne Robinson

    Robinson has plumbed the human spirit in her trilogy of novels - Gilead, Home and Lila - and in the brilliant Housekeeping. In The Givenness of Things she brings a profound sense of awe and an incisive mind to the essential questions of contemporary ... read more

    • Granta 133, Rausing,  Sigrid
    Granta 133
    Sigrid Rausing

    The world, as we know it, is changing...In the latest issue of Granta, acclaimed nature writer Barry Lopez meditates on language and seeing; poet Kathleen Jamie travels to the Alaskan wilderness; Adam Nicolson investigates murder in rural Romania; Ro ... read more

    • Gratitude, Sacks,  Oliver
    Oliver Sacks

    Oliver Sacks spent his final days doing what he loved: playing the piano, swimming, enjoying smoked salmon - and writing. As Dr Sacks looked back over his long, adventurous life his final thoughts were of gratitude. In a series of remarkable, beautif ... read more

    • Numero Zero, Eco,  Umberto
    Numero Zero
    Umberto Eco

    1945, Lake Como. Mussolini and his mistress are captured by local partisans and shot in a summary execution.1992, Milan. Colonna, a depressed writer picking up hack work, is offered a fee he can't refuse to ghost-write a memoir. As Colonna researches ... read more

    • Political Amnesia:How we forgot how to govern. Quarterly Essay 60, Tingle,  Laura
    Political Amnesia:How we forgot how to govern. Quarterly Essay 60
    Laura Tingle

    Whatever happened to good government? What are the signs of bad government? Can Malcolm Turnbull apply the lessons of the past in a very different world? Is there a structural reason national politics has become so dysfunctional? Laura Tingle seeks a ... read more

    • Stories from the Kitchen, Various Authors
    Stories from the Kitchen
    Various Authors

    Stories from the Kitchen is a smorgasbord of stories with food in the starring role. The collection features Dickens, Chekhov, Saki, Isak Dinesen, Jim Crace, Amy Tan, Gerald Durrell, T.C Boyle and Nora Ephron and includes choice cuts from famous nov ... read more

    • Thirteen Ways of Looking, Mccann,  Colum
    Thirteen Ways of Looking
    Colum Mccann

    On a cold New York day J Mendelssohn has lunch with his son. He is old and frail and his son is busy and distracted and leaves half way through the meal. On the way home Mendelssohn is brutally and fatally attacked. The detectives working on the cas ... read more

    • To Hell & Back: Europe 1914-1918, Kershaw,  Ian
    To Hell & Back: Europe 1914-1918
    Ian Kershaw

    The first of two volumes, To Hell and Back is a monumental new history of modern Europe.. In the summer of 1914 most of Europe plunged into a war so catastrophic that it took generations to recover from. In 1939 Europeans would initiate a second conf ... read more

    • 13.8, Gribbin,  John
    John Gribbin

    The twentieth century gave us two great theories of physics. The general theory of relativity describes the behaviour of very large things; quantum theory the behaviour of very small things. In 13.8 John Gribbin presents his own version of the Holy G ... read more

    • And Yet..., Hitchens,  Christopher
    And Yet...
    Christopher Hitchens

    Christopher Hitchens was an unparalleled, prolific writer, who raised the polemical essay to a new art form, over a lifetime of thinking and debating the defining issues of our times. And Yet... is a volume of previously unpublished essays, covering ... read more

    • Beatlebone, Barry,  Kevin
    Kevin Barry

    Beatlebone is a wild quest tale, following John Lennon's trip to Ireland in 1978. Fleeing the demands of public life, and a third request to appear on The Muppet Show, Lennon heads to the west coast of Ireland in search of answers to life's most pres ... read more

    • Best Australian Essays 2015, Williamson,  Geordie
    Best Australian Essays 2015
    Geordie Williamson

    Geordie Williamson compiles the year's outstanding short non-fiction with essays on politics, music, literature, history, art, sport and more. Read Helen Garner on condescension, DBC Pierre on travel, Ceridwen Dovey on autobiography, Tim Winton on in ... read more

    • Best Australian Political Cartoons 2015, Radcliffe,  Russ
    Best Australian Political Cartoons 2015
    Russ Radcliffe

    There's been no shortage of material for Australia's political cartoonists this last year. This collection features the work of; Dean Alston, Peter Broelman, Warren Brown, Pat Campbell, Andrew Dyson,First Dog on the Moon, Matt Golding, Fiona Katauska ... read more

    • Best Australian Stories 2015, Lohrey,  Amanda
    Best Australian Stories 2015
    Amanda Lohrey

    In this wide-ranging collection, edited by Amanda Lohrey, there are stories that will surprise, unsettle and beguile. Familiar subjects are examined from new perspectives: a teenage girl sneaks into director Jean-Luc Goddard's study and steals his di ... read more

    • Capitalism, Roy,  Arundhati
    Arundhati Roy

    Examining the dark side of democracy, Arundhati Roy shows how the demands of globalized capitalism have subjugated billions of people to racism and exploitation. Capitalism is a ferocious attack on the mega corporations that have appropriated India's ... read more

    • From the Heart: Women of Letters, Hardy,  Marieke
    From the Heart: Women of Letters
    Marieke Hardy

    'Letters, we have witnessed first-hand, stir some unusually beautiful things in people,' write Women of Letters curators Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire. This is apparent in their latest collection, From the Heart. Rock star Amanda Palmer thanks ... read more