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    • One Life: My Mother's Story, Grenville,  Kate
    One Life: My Mother's Story
    Kate Grenville

    When Kate Grenville's mother, Nance died she left behind many fragments of writing which became the starting point for this memoir. In many ways Nance's story echoes that of many mothers and grandmothers, for whom the spectacular shifts of the t ... read more

    • Talking to My Country, Grant,  Stan
    Talking to My Country
    Stan Grant

    A powerful and personal meditation on race, culture and national identity. In July 2015, as the debate over Adam Goodes being booed at AFL games raged, Stan Grant wrote a short but powerful piece for The Guardian - a personal, passionate and powerful ... read more

    • The Age of Genius, Grayling,  A. C.
    The Age of Genius
    A. C. Grayling

    Grayling examines the vast shifts in thinking in Europe through the 17th Century. In this turbulent period, science moved from alchemy and astrology to the painstaking observation and astronomy of Galileo, from the classicism of Aristotle, still favo ... read more

    • The Art of Reading, Young, Damon
    The Art of Reading
    Damon Young

    In The Art of Reading, philosopher Damon Young reveals the pleasures of this intimate pursuit through a rich sample of literature: from Virginia Woolf's diaries to Batman comics. He writes with honesty and humour about the blunders and revelations of ... read more

    • The Morning They Came For Us, Di Giovanni,  Janine
    The Morning They Came For Us
    Janine Di Giovanni

    n May of 2012, Janine di Giovanni travelled to Syria to cover a relatively peaceful uprising and stayed on as the situation quickly turned into one of the most brutal, internecine conflicts in recent history. Drawn to the stories of the ordinary peo ... read more

    • The Year of the Runaways, Sahota,  Sunjeev
    The Year of the Runaways
    Sunjeev Sahota

    The Year of the Runaways tells of the bold dreams and daily struggles of an unlikely family thrown together by circumstance. Thirteen young men live in a house in Sheffield, each in flight from India and in desperate search of a new life. Tarlochan, ... read more

    • Twenty-Four Hours In The Life Of A Woman, Zweig,  Stefan
    Twenty-Four Hours In The Life Of A Woman
    Stefan Zweig

    Passion, addiction and death on the French Riviera - one of Zweig's most breathless and popular novellas A fateful encounter in a Montecarlo casino sees an English widow mesmerised by a young Polish artistocrat. A frenzied twenty-four hours ensue, as ... read more

    • Zero K, Delillo,  Don
    Zero K
    Don Delillo

    Jeffrey Lockhart’s father, Ross, is a billionaire and the primary investor in a project where death is controlled and bodies are preserved until a future time when biomedical advances and new technologies can return them to life. For Jeff, the ... read more

    • All My Januaries, Blackman,  Barbara
    All My Januaries
    Barbara Blackman

    Blind since her twenties, Barbara Blackman has been an artist's model, broadcaster, poet, librettist and essayist. Ranging from her Brisbane childhood to her marriage to renowned artist Charles Blackman, her time in London and Paris, and her lif ... read more

    • Argonauts, Nelson,  Maggie
    Maggie Nelson

    Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts is a genre-bending memoir, a work of 'autotheory' offering fresh, fierce and timely thinking about desire, identity and the limitations and possibilities of love and language. Writing in the spirit of public intellectual ... read more

    • Between a Wolf and a Dog, Blain,  Georgia
    Between a Wolf and a Dog
    Georgia Blain

    Ester is a family therapist with an appointment book that catalogues the anxieties of the middle class: loneliness, relationships, death. She spends her days helping others find happiness, but her own relationships are frayed, she is estranged from b ... read more

    • Everywhere I Look, Garner,  Helen
    Everywhere I Look
    Helen Garner

    Spanning fifteen years of work, Everywhere I Look is a collection of Garner's nonfiction that beautifully represents the brilliance of her work – it's humour, perception, honesty, anger and warmth. The pieces move easily from the pers ... read more

    • From the Outer: Footy Like You've Never Heard It, Hayes,  Nicole
    From the Outer: Footy Like You've Never Heard It
    Nicole Hayes

    A celebration of Footy, From​ the Outer brings together 30 personal stories about Aussie Rules from some unexpected voices. Some are closet fans, some are out and proud. Many show a different side to the game and it's culture than is revea ... read more

    • Generation Less: How Australia is Cheating the Young, Rayner,  Jennifer
    Generation Less: How Australia is Cheating the Young
    Jennifer Rayner

    Urgent and convincing, Generation Less investigates the life prospects of young Australians, the first generation since the Great Depression to be worse off than their parents. It looks at their emotional life, their access to credit, educa ... read more

    • Georgiana Molloy: The Mind That Shines, Barry,  Bernice
    Georgiana Molloy: The Mind That Shines
    Bernice Barry

    This meticulously researched biography tells the extraordinary story of Georgiana Molloy, one of Australia's first internationally successful female botanists. Georgiana and Captain John Molloy emigrated to Australia and were among the first group of ... read more

    • Lucky Country? Reinventing Australia, Lowe,  Ian
    Lucky Country? Reinventing Australia
    Ian Lowe

    In 1964, Donald Horne described Australia as 'a lucky country run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck'.More than five decades later, Ian Lowe assesses the state of Australia in four key areas: our environment, population and society, geog ... read more