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    • The First Bad Man, July,  Miranda
    The First Bad Man
    Miranda July

    Cheryl Glickman believes in romances that span centuries and a soul that migrates between babies. She works at a women's self-defence nonprofit and lives alone. When her bosses ask if their twenty-year-old daughter, Clee, can move into her house for ... read more

    • The Gods of Olympus: A History, Graziosi,  Barbara
    The Gods of Olympus: A History
    Barbara Graziosi

    Barbara Graziosi deftly traces the travels and transformations of the gods of Olympus from the distant past to the present, showing that these pagan deities have remained remain potent symbols. They are masters and mistresses of re-invention; in clas ... read more

    • The Illuminations, O'hagan,  Andrew
    The Illuminations
    Andrew O'hagan

    Anne Quirk is slowly losing her memories, nobody much remembers her now, but this elderly woman was in her youth a pioneer of British documentary photography. Her beloved grandson, Luke, now a captain with the Royal Western Fusiliers, is on a tour of ... read more

    • The Winter War, Teir,  Philip and Nunnally,  Tiina(translated By)
    The Winter War
    Teir, Philip and Nunnally, Tiina(translated By)

    On the surface, the Paul family are living the liberal, middle-class Scandinavian dream. Max Paul is a renowned sociologist and his wife Katriina has a well-paid job in the public sector. They live in an airy apartment in the centre of Helsinki. But ... read more

    • Weathering, Wood,  Lucy
    Lucy Wood

    Pearl doesn't know how she's ended up in the river - the same messy, cacophonous river in the same rain-soaked valley she'd been stuck in for years .Ada, Pearl's daughter doesn't know how she's ended up back in the house she left thirteen years ago w ... read more

    • When the Facts Change Essays 1995 - 2010, Judt,  Tony
    When the Facts Change Essays 1995 - 2010
    Tony Judt

    Tony Judt's widow and fellow historian, Jennifer Homans, has edited this collection of essays from the span of Judt's career that chronicle both the evolution of his thought and the remarkable consistency of his intellectual engagement with history. ... read more

    • Ardor, Calasso,  Roberto
    Roberto Calasso

    'If the Vedic people had been asked why they did not build cities,' writes Calasso, 'they could have replied: we did not seek power, but rapture.' This is the ardor of the Vedic world, a burning intensity that is always present, both in the mind and ... read more

    • Clade, Bradley,  James
    James Bradley

    Spanning three generations over a time close to the present to an imagined time later this century Bradley explores how a changing planet might change our lives in the near future. The closely woven story revolves around Adam, a scientist, his artis ... read more

    • Earth Dances: Music in Search of the Primitive, Ford,  Andrew
    Earth Dances: Music in Search of the Primitive
    Andrew Ford

    With alternating chapters of criticism and interviews, including with Liza Lim and Brian Eno, author and broadcaster Andrew Ford explores the relationship between primal forms of music and the most refined examples of the art – between pas ... read more

    • Keating, Day,  David
    David Day

    Although he has spent all of his adult life in the public eye, Keating has eschewed the idea of publishing his memoirs and has discouraged biographers from writing about his life. Undeterred, David Day has taken on the task. Based on extensive resear ... read more

    • Loitering, D'ambrosio,  Charles
    Charles D'ambrosio

    Loitering gathers the eleven essays that were in Orphans, Charles D'Ambrosio's small press collection from a decade ago, along with new and previously uncollected work. D'Ambrosio fell in love with the essay form reading M.F.K Fisher on gastronomy, h ... read more

    • Oddfellows, Shakespeare,  Nicholas
    Nicholas Shakespeare

    On 1 January 1915, ramifications from the First World War, raging half a world away, were felt in Broken Hill, Australia, when in a guerrilla-style military operation, four citizens were killed and seven wounded. It was the annual picnic day in Broke ... read more

    • Owning the Earth, Linklater,  Andro
    Owning the Earth
    Andro Linklater

    Barely two centuries ago, most of the world's productive land still belonged either communally to traditional societies or to the higher powers of monarch or church. But that pattern, and the ways of life that went with it, were consigned to history ... read more

    • Seventh Day, Hua,  Yu
    Seventh Day
    Yu Hua

    Yang Fei was born on a moving train, lost by his mother, adopted by a young railway worker, raised with simplicity and love - utterly unprepared for the changes that await him and his country. As a young man, he searches for a place to belong in a na ... read more